Georgia Judge Arrested After Incident At Nightclub

    We have an exciting story to share with you today, all the way from Atlanta. Now, picture this – you’re out late at night, the clock’s ticking towards 3:30 AM, and a ruckus erupts.

    Of course, the police show up.

    What do they find?

    The individual allegedly causing the disturbance is none other than Democrat Douglas County Probate Judge, Christina Peterson. Yes, a judge! Reports indicate that Peterson was yelling at a security guard and the police officer, even going as far as to shove the officer in the chest. Twice!

    This event was not hidden away in a back alley, but rather caught on the police officer’s body camera. The footage shows Peterson, known for her work in the Democratic judiciary, shouting phrases like “Let her go!” and “Don’t touch me!” all while handcuffed in the back of a police car.

    In the video below, you’ll hear a woman yelling, which later will be followed by another woman: “Let her go!.” Allegedly, that is Peterson.

    After the police identified her, they issued arrest warrants on charges of simple battery against a police officer and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

    Peterson, however, is not accepting the situation lightly. She has partnered with lawyer and Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr. During a press conference, they presented their version of the incident. They contend that Peterson was merely attempting to aid a woman named Alexandria Love, who was being assaulted by an unidentified man.

    The situation is decidedly a “he said, she said” scenario currently. Arrington is demanding the release of lounge surveillance footage, which he claims will vindicate Peterson and show her arrest as unwarranted.

    In the video below, you have to give it to the arresting officer, who remained calm and kept his cool throughout the entire process. Peterson was very combative and demeaning, refusing to disclose who she was.

    Yet this is not Peterson’s first encounter with controversy. She made headlines last year when she assumed her position as a judge, but not for commendable reasons. A panel from the Judicial Qualifications Commission declared her guilty of “systemic incompetence” in April, recommending her removal from office. They concluded that she had been flouting rules, treating staff poorly, and making inappropriate social media posts.

    Now, the future of her judicial career rests in the hands of the Georgia Supreme Court.


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