Schiff Spars With Garvey During Debate

If Rep. Adam Schiff thought he was going to glide in Senate, he thought wrong.

Republican senatorial candidate and former baseball star Steve Garvey is shaking things up and made Schiff look like a fool during a debate.

Schiff tried to pretend that the antic he took part in was a moral obligation:

I was just called a liar by Mr. Garvey. Mr. Garvey, I was censured for standing up to a corrupt president. And you know something? I would do it all over again. Because that corrupt president, that president has been indicted with 91 felony counts, that president that you won’t refuse to support. Yeah, he’s a danger, and I will stand up to him and (former House Speaker) Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan and any of those MAGA enablers of his in the Congress. The reason why our democracy is in trouble is because folks don’t have the courage to stand up when they need to.

“Sir, you lied to 300 million people and you can’t take that back,” Garvey fired back.

A resolution was passed in June of 2023 censuring Schiff who was the chair of the House intelligence Committee. While being the head of the committee he leaked narratives that were later proven false and even rebuffed by the Mueller report.

There’s a reason why people don’t talk about Russgate anymore: it was rebuffed.

“Representative Schiff abused this trust by alleging he had evidence of collusion that, as is clear from reports by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and Special Counsel Durham, never existed,” the resolution said, adding, “… for years, Representative Schiff has spread false accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia” and had “ behaved dishonestly and dishonorably on many other occasions, including by publicly, falsely denying that his staff communicated with a whistleblower to launch the first impeachment of President Trump.”

“Representative Schiff hindered the ability of the Intelligence Committee to fulfill its oversight responsibilities over the Intelligence Community, an indispensable pillar of our national security” and had “misled the American people and brought disrepute upon the House of Representatives,” the resolution asserted.

Politico recently did a big write up on Garvey who said he “faces an incredibly steep climb. Republicans haven’t won a statewide office in California since 2006.”

facing off against Schiff he’s running against Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Katie Porter. But if he plays spoiler for Schiff it may make a lot of people happy.


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