Dem ‘Star’ Has An Image Problem

First off, conservatives knew this from the get-go mainly because it happens to us time and time again.

Often officials get elected and as soon as the swamp gets its hooks in them, they join in the games.

Well, it’s now happened to “the most promising leftist of her generation.” The leftist publication, New York Magainze, declared that Rep. Alexandria Ocacio Cortez has “lost her political identity.”

The piece titled “AOC Is Just A Regular Old Democrat Now” rips the New York Congresswoman for selling out.

The piece attacked AOC for a “half-decade-long drift from radical outsider to establishment liberal.”

It didn’t take a genius to see that AOC was in it for the fame and power after photos of her entitled self illegally parking in front of an NYC Whole Foods (instead of a parking space) in her Telsa. Only later for her to whine about food deserts in urban cities.

From the New York Magazine:

Ocasio-Cortez seemed simultaneously aimless and calculated, a ruthless political operator and someone in over her head. Even her symbolic acts are confusing and inconsistent.

Five years since Ocasio-Cortez was elected after making constant self-aggrandizing statements about her revolutionary potential; seven years since the Bernie Sanders primary run in 2016, when it briefly seemed like real change might be coming to the Democratic party; twelve years since Occupy Wall Street, which demonstrated the organic demand for radical change; and fifteen years since the financial crisis that convinced so many Americans that the system is broken and that the wealthy broke it. What do we have to show for all of the noise that’s been made in that time? Where are the next-generation champions who were supposed to emerge from the Bernie for 2016 machine? Where is this much-ballyhooed wave of socialist agitators who were going to win office? We might, finally, have to admit that the too-pure-to-live lefties who insisted that nothing would ever come from all of this noise were right, and that the Democratic party is simply structurally resistant to socialist change. There is no more fruit to pick here.

In other words, AOC is smoke and mirrors.


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