DeSantis Absolutely Humiliates Newsom With One Video

The ongoing exchanges between California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis escalated to a new level on Monday when Newsom hinted at the possibility of criminal charges against DeSantis. The two-state leaders are in a dispute over the arrangement of migrant flights to Sacramento, California, that has Democrats fuming.

The conflict began on Friday when more than a dozen migrants from Texas were flown to Sacramento and dropped off at a church without warning. This was followed by another plane carrying 20 more migrants to the city on Monday. The California Department of Justice found documents linking the flights to the state of Florida and has decided to examine “potential criminal or civil action” against those who arranged the transportation.

In response, Newsom updated a tweet from the weekend and threatened kidnapping charges against DeSantis, citing the state’s kidnapping laws. The situation has been further complicated by a $12 million plan approved by DeSantis in the Florida legislature to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary states such as California to challenge Biden’s immigration policy and Democrats’ view of asylum seekers.

“This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard. Kidnapping charges?” Newsom tweeted, referencing Florida’s migrant relocation initiative. DeSantis drew national headlines last year when the state of Florida flew a group of South American migrants from Texas to the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which had touted broad support for sanctuary policies. More than a dozen migrants were transported from Texas to New Mexico before being flown to Sacramento and left on the doorstep of a local church Friday “without any advance warning,” Newsom wrote.

California’s AG also commented on the flight.

“While we continue to collect evidence, I want to say this very clearly: State-sanctioned kidnapping is not a public policy choice, it is immoral and disgusting,” Bonta added. “We are a nation built by immigrants and we must condemn the cruelty and hateful rhetoric of those, whether they are state leaders or private parties, who refuse to recognize humanity and who turn their backs on extending dignity and care to fellow human beings.”

Well, DeSantis has some evidence of his own.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management released video showing that the migrants flown California not only went voluntarily but were incredibly excited to be headed to California.

One man said, “We made it to California! Thank God!”

Imagine being Newsom lol. That is embarrassing!


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