Utah Senators Give Different Responses To Trump

Over the summer, gas prices have soared, Maui has been hit with a devastating fire, interest rates continue to increase, and the economy is limping.

Meanwhile, Biden has gone on vacation after vacation.

At the same time, former President Trump has been indicted for a fourth time.

It’s been a tale of two Senators in Utah.

When Trump was indicted in June on his first federal case Senator Mitt Romney said Trump had “brought these charges upon himself.”

“Mr. Trump brought these charges upon himself by not only taking classified documents, but by refusing to simply return them when given numerous opportunities to do so,” Romney said in a statement.

“By all appearances, the Justice Department and special counsel have exercised due care, affording Mr. Trump the time and opportunity to avoid charges that would not generally have been afforded to others,” the Senator added.

“These allegations are serious and if proven, would be consistent with his other actions offensive to the national interest, such as withholding defensive weapons from Ukraine for political reasons and failing to defend the Capitol from violent attack and insurrection,” Romney said.

However, Senator Romney had little to say about Biden being in possession of classified documents.

Senator Mike Lee – who has had his difference with Trump – is livid.

After Trump was indicted for a fourth time Lee gave President Biden a new nickname, the “Corvette Caligula.”

Caligula was known as the “mad” emperor of the Roman empire who was seen as a “spoiled and reckless ruler.”

Lee added that “only tyrants prosecute their political opponents.”

But Senator Lee didn’t stop there; he also called Biden “Rehoboth Caligula.”


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