Recent Discovery In Small Israeli Town Is Jarring

October 7, 2023, is going to live in infamy for the people of Israel. It was a horrific day and the country is still learning about the horrific atrocities that took place.

It has been reported that about 1,000 Hamas fighters took place in the attack, which led to hours of horror.

In Kibbutz Be’eri (small village) authorities made a horrific discovery and they believe it’s only going to get worse.

The small town was hit hard when recently, over 100 bodies were discovered as the terrorists went home to home. There are reports that they tried to wipe out the entire town.

From the Times Of Israel:

About 100 bodies have been removed from Kibbutz Be’eri, Hebrew media report, citing the ZAKA search and rescue group

Channel 12 reports that the bodies were removed in refrigerated trucks.

The number of victims killed in the devastated kibbutz, home to some 1,000 residents, is thought to be even higher, according to the reports.
A resident earlier told Kan that the community had been completely destroyed in the Hamas assault.

An IDF official acknowledged that Ber’eri is in bad shape and it seems they still haven’t accounted for everyone yet.

“We thought we would need more rooms (to house the evacuees). We didn’t need all the rooms,” said IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Richard Hecht.

The attack on Be ‘eri came about the same time militants began attacking a music festival.

Just listen to the CNN report, I know, I know but listen they were incredibly rattled. Nic Robertson struggled to stay composed.

Nic Robertson reported that many trying to flee the attack at the music festival ran to a bomb shelter. But the terrorist did the unimaginable before the doors were sealed.


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