Disturbing Cattle Mystery Shows Up In Texas. Here We Go Again!

Another “phenomenon” that’s been raising eyebrows across the country has reared its head again.

Cattle mutilation is a strange and disturbing occurrence where ranchers find their livestock dead and mutilated, often with their organs surgically removed. These cases have been showing up across the country in places like Alaska, Florida, and Colorado, with some ranchers even offering rewards for information on the culprits.

The mutilation has reared it’s ugly head for the first reported time this year in Texas.

No signs of struggle, no blood spills, and no noticeable tracks. Authorities in Texas have little to go on in their investigation after six cattle were found dead in three separate counties, all with their tongues missing.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office posted about the cattle on social media Wednesday.

The first instance was reported after a rancher found a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow “dead and mutilated” in Madison County, according to deputies. The cow was found lying on its side, its tongue and the hide around its mouth completely removed, but no blood was spilled.

But who or what could be behind these heinous acts? That’s the million-dollar question, and unfortunately, there are no clear answers. Some speculate that it’s the work of aliens or secret government experiments, while others believe it’s the work of a cult or a group of individuals with a twisted agenda.

Last year, Fox News Nation released a half-hour documentary on the history of this subject, which is definitely worth checking out if you have a subscription. It covers some of the oldest cases and some of the more recent ones as well. But what’s clear is that this is not a new phenomenon. It’s been happening for decades, and ranchers are left to deal with the financial hardship of losing valuable livestock.

So why is this happening? Unfortunately, there are no clear answers to this question either. Some experts suggest that natural predators or scavengers may be to blame, while others believe it’s the work of human culprits. But what’s clear is that these killings aren’t just a mystery. They are a crime that causes real financial hardship.

Ranchers lose between three and five thousand dollars for each adult beef cattle that dies, and when someone (or something?) is coming along and slaughtering them in large numbers, that’s a problem. And it’s not just a financial problem – it’s also a safety issue. If someone is capable of killing cattle like this, what else are they capable of?

There have occasionally been helicopters or other aircraft spotted in the vicinity of the killings, but there are never any signs of a landing. And these killings generally take place in very remote areas of the range, so there aren’t any witnesses. It’s a mystery that’s left many scratching their heads.

I think back to the crop circle hoaxes in the 70s and 80s and wonder if what’s going on with America’s cattle is similar but with more nefarious intentions.



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