DOJ Tells Trump to Get Lost After Request for Third Party Document Review

As our country continues to circle the drain that leads us into the dark, cavernous tomb of a nation divided, the federal government should be doing everything in their power to keep us from tearing ourselves to shreds.

We’ve come close to cataclysmic conflict on several occasions over the course of the last few years, as the two-party system’s false dichotomy pushes us ever nearer to the edge of total dissatisfaction with one another.

And now, in the midst of a heated battle between the Biden administration’s DOJ and former President Donald Trump, another volley of political warfare has begun.

The Department of Justice on Tuesday night urged a federal judge to oppose a request to appoint a special master to review documents seized from the Florida residence of former President Donald Trump earlier this month.

Trump had sued to block the Justice Department from further investigating any materials taken in the raid until a court-appointed special watchdog is able to analyze them.

The judge seemed to take umbrage with Trump’s characterization of the situation.

“As an initial matter, the former President lacks standing to seek judicial relief or oversight as to Presidential records because those records do not belong to him,” the DOJ wrote in U.S. District Court in southern Florida.

Trump’s request for the “special master” came nearly two weeks after the documents were seized, which made it impossible for the litigation to be effective against the FBI filter team.


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