Don Lemon Is Prob Toast, Crew Rattled After Meltdown

It looks like CNN’s Don Lemon is getting a break from the drama. On Friday, Lemon was absent from his hosting duties on CNN This Morning, following reports that he had a tense exchange with his co-host Kaitlan Collins in December.

The absence of Lemon had some viewers wondering if there was any awkwardness between the two anchors. CNN stated that Lemon was simply on assignment in Los Angeles and that his absence was pre-planned and not any sort of disciplinary action.

The alleged incident between Lemon and Collins happened during CNN’s breaking news coverage of Brittney Griner’s release from Russia. Collins reportedly attempted to interject while Lemon was speaking, which prompted him to wag his finger and tell her to “stand by one second.”

After the cameras stopped rolling, it’s reported that Lemon got “nasty” with Collins, scolding her for “interrupting” him. This reportedly left Collins visibly upset, and it was bad enough that the incident was reported to new CNN boss Chris Licht, who reportedly urged Lemon to “take a beat.”

Slang for take a day off. 

Lemon did not appear on the show the following day, and viewers were told that he had the day off. Supposedly Lemon is doing “grammy stuff,” but even if that’s true, they seem to move him around again.

CNN insists that Lemon’s absence is not related to the reported beef between him and Collins, and that the two are still friends. Lemon did recently post a photo of himself, Licht, Harlow, and Collins together at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

Who knows what was behind the Licht getting the two together which could have been a simple publicity stunt.

Who knows what Discovery’s plans are, but every day it appears they just need to completely clean house and start over.

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