Doocy Reveals What Happened After Biden Question

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy has revealed what happened after he caused President Joe Biden to snap.

We previously reported that Doocy asked, “There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speaker phone a lot talking business.”

“I never talked business…I knew you’d have a lousy question,” Joe Biden said.

Adding that the allegations are “not true.”

You could clearly hear the disdain in Joe’s voice.

According to Doocy, he got a phone call from the White House after the back and forth and they told him his question was “lousy.” Doocy added that the White House called him when he got to his car trying to refute the allegations on discussing business.

Geroge Washing University law professor Jonathan Turley said that the exchange was very telling.

“Doocy said that the White House called him as soon as he made it to his car to refute the specifics of the allegations on discussing business. The use of White House staff to repeat these positions could magnify the problems for Biden,” Turley said.



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