Big Implications After McCarthy Drama

We aren’t going to get into the nitty gritty about McCarthy being ousted; both sides have great points and there are positives and negatives.

What (supposedly) infuriated Gatez was that McCarthy was going to allow an up or down separate vote on Ukraine. Meaning it would not have been added to a spending bill and each member of Congress would go on the record.

Some claim Gaetz’s move was self-serving; others say it was based on principles.

What we do know is that four very embarrassing stories about the Democrats went nowhere because of the drama.

Rep. Bowman is now out of the news cycle after his talking points against Democrats caught severe backlash, prompting him to issue an apology.

The Biden administration’s lead negotiator has been caught being part of an Iranian spy.

Nobody is talking about the Menendez case. Hunter Biden had a particularly embarrassing day in court. The Biden investigations are paused for now, and now we aren’t talking about the CCP wire transfers.

Until the House approves a Speaker, all that’s going to be reported on is the high school drama.

Keep in mind, now a real RINO (more than McCarthy) could sneak in, Rep. Nancy Mace was one of the seven who voted against him and that’s suspect. Especially, when you see Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene side with McCarthy.

Regardless of your thoughts on McCarthy, we’ve now learned that he accepted his fate and didn’t cut any deals.

In a closed-door meeting after being ousted, McCarthy said that the Democrats came to trying to make a deal. The deal would have required him to “sell” his soul. He wouldn’t do it to stay speaker.

The question is what deal did the dissenting Republicans cut with Democrats, they don’t do anything unless it benefits them.

Gaetz told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that his battle with McCarthy is not personal.

“This is a guy who was willing to partner with conservatives on the frivolous, but whenever there was a spending matter, he partnered with Democrats,” Gaetz said. “That said, Speaker McCarthy’s time is over. I wish him well. I have no personal animus to him. I hope he finds fruitful pastures, and I’m certain he will.”

Ingraham challenged Gaetz, making some good points but then cut off the Congressman as McCarthy addressed reporters after being ousted. The former Speaker of the House believes that Gaetz led the charge against him because of a serious ethics violation that has been lodged against the Florida Congressman.

McCarthy claimed that Gaetz had asked him to intervene however, the Speaker would not.

“Well that’s totally false,” Gaetz told Ingraham when she asked for his response to McCarthy’s claim.

When pressed Gaetz sidestepped.

Gaetz does make some great points, we have most of the interview below. By the way it would be nice if Fox News would press RINOs like they pressed Gaetz in this interview.


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