During USA’s Chernobyl Joe Hides In Basement

People are getting sick, livestock is dying, toxic particles have gone over some of the most fertile land east of the Mississippi, and we haven’t heard a peep from Joe Biden.

The train derailment at East Palestine, Ohio, is being called America’s Chornobyl.

The man in the clip below explains…

Below is a screenshot of CNN’s homepage, and you’ll note there is one story about the disaster facing Ohio and Pennsylvania.

If this happened during the Trump administration, you’d see MSNBC & CNN reporters live in Hazmat suits decrying the government’s inaction.

Biden hasn’t even addressed the crisis (if he even knows about it) and Mayor Pete issued a social media post.

What’s crazy is that an entire town has been displaced, and we haven’t even heard the word FEMA yet.

You know the situation in Ohio is a problem for the administration because the press core at the White House isn’t discussing it, the White House won’t talk about it, and the mainstream media isn’t reporting on it.

The derailment in Ohio is actually one of those moments when the Federal government is supposed to come in and help. Instead we hear nothing.

But what do you expect when the Biden administration can’t even handle eggs and are running around claiming the US economy is better than ever. It was recently reported that inflation rose another 1.6%, and the White House thought it was great!

Meanwhile, there are reports that residents in the area near the derailment are starting to get seriously ill.

States will have to start shoring up their own emergency services because with this idiot in the White House, help will not be on the way. Instead, they’ll be in the basement tweeting.


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