Eat Your Heart Out Pelosi! MTG Posts One Heck Of A Video

The left doesn’t really know what to do with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and she recently posted a couple of videos that got the left fired up.

According to wokeism, working out is terrible because it’s rooted in far-right extremism.

The establishment seems to echo, “just trust us you don’t have to work out, take your shot, and we’ll take care of you.” That is until a train derails and spews toxic chemicals everywhere, or you have lead in your water pipes.


“It’s time to break free from fitness’s anti-fatness,” wrote magazine editor-in-chief Leta Shy in a column announcing the project, although people with obesity are three times as likely to end up hospitalized with Covid-19.

So why the attacks? Take a look at Rep. MTG…

Let’s be honest the only thing Nancy Pelosi lifts is a glass of wine.

Yes, she was attacked for working out.


One last thing for those attacking MTG for working out. I would like to see Brian Stetler do one pushup.


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