Emotions Rise During Tennessee Legislator Session

A few months ago three Democrat lawmakers were part of a protest that disrupted a legislative session in the Capitol.

Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were expelled from the legislature however, voters reinstated them during a special election.

From the Associated Press:

Tennessee Reps. Justin Pearson and Justin Jones, who became Democratic heroes as members of the “Tennessee Three,” reclaimed their legislative seats Thursday after they were expelled for involvement in a gun control protest on the House floor. […]

They advanced Thursday through a special election to fully reclaim their positions. Both faced opponents in districts that heavily favor Democrats and easily defeated them according to unofficial results from the Tennessee’s Secretary of State’s office.

On August 28, 2023, the legislator held a special session that would place more officers in school to protect them from violence. Rep. Justin Jones did not agree with the measure wanting stricter gun control and ignored the rules making a scene. In response Speaker, Cameron Sexton, requested a vote to silence Jones for the rest of the day which drew the ire of leftist protestors causing the police to clear out the gallery.

The measure to silence Jones passed and Democrats walked out of the session.

The following day Jones tried to get a vote of no confidence in Speaker Sexton which failed miserably as his supporters in the gallery chanted, “vote him out.”

Both Pearson and Jones started stalking Sexton with signs as the session adjourned. Pearson worked his way to corner Sexton and pushing and shoving started with security and other lawmakers having to intervene.

Then Jones took the Speaker’s podium, starting pounding with the gavel yelling, “this House is out of order!”




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