EU Demands War Crimes Tribunal After Torture Chambers Discovered

It has long been understood that Russia was going to wade into the territory of terrorism in Ukraine, particularly as their conventional military maneuvers were stymied by mass desertions and surrenders.

But things have gone from ugly to unholy in recent weeks, with the Kremlin’s fighting force now engaged in the sort of horrendous behavior that the world hasn’t seen since the Allied Powers liberated the German people at the end of World War II.

Now, a harrowing discovery in a recently freed Ukrainian town has the European Union demanding serious legal action.

Chilling photos surfaced Sunday showing alleged “torture chambers” used by Russian forces against Ukrainians — as the head of the European Union called for a new war-crimes probe against the Kremlin.

At least some of the disturbing snapshots were taken in a dank cinder-block basement doubling as a makeshift prison for Russian forces behind a supermarket in the newly liberated village of Kozach Lopan in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, Ukrainian authorities said.

The photos were damning.

Dirty bedding can be seen strewn on the damp concrete floor amid broken pieces of Styrofoam in some of the rooms with bars across them.

There also are two black buckets in a corner that were apparently used as toilets, while cigarette butts and empty pumpkin-seed shells are tossed across the floor.

The call for a tribunal comes just days after Ukraine’s discovery of a mass grave in Izium, where many of the 400+ civilian bodies showed signs of torture ahead of their death.

Russia is already being investigated for over 15,000 war crimes in Ukraine.


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