Expert: Biden’s Impeachment ‘Open and Shut Case’

In recent news, Seamus Bruner, Director of Research at the Government Accountability Institute, expressed his belief that the impeachment of President Joe Biden for bribery would be an “open and shut case.”

Bruner appeared on Fox News channel’s “Fox & Friends” and stated that the impeachment proceedings should be conducted behind closed doors in order to thoroughly investigate the allegations of bribery and corruption involving Hunter and Joe Biden.

According to Bruner, the Biden family has been dishonest about their business dealings, initially dismissing the claims as conspiracy theories. However, Bruner argues that the standard set by Democrats, which states that Joe Biden never received direct payments, is flawed.

He cites 18USC, section 271, which states that bribery occurs when there is a transfer of anything of value for any official action. Thus, payments made to Hunter or other family members could constitute bribery, even if they did not directly go to Joe Biden.

Bruner suggests that if Hunter Biden were questioned behind closed doors, it would reveal crucial information about his conversations with his father regarding their foreign business dealings.

Additionally, Bruner believes it is essential to determine if Joe Biden had discussions with business partners while making foreign policy decisions that could have affected their business interests.

He claims that the money trail proves that transfers of value were made, and Joe Biden’s own words indicate that he withheld a billion dollars unless the prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired. Furthermore, Bruner argues that emails from Burisma executives show their desire for Joe Biden to take action in their favor.

Seamus Bruner believes that the case for impeaching Joe Biden for bribery is clear-cut. He argues that the investigation should be conducted behind closed doors to delve into the details and follow the money trail.

Bruner claims that Hunter Biden’s dishonesty about his business dealings and Joe Biden’s own admissions make a strong case for bribery. While Bruner’s statements may be seen as suggesting a bias against the Bidens, it is important to note that he provides specific legal references to support his argument.

As with any political topic, it is crucial to consider multiple perspectives and evidence before drawing conclusions.


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