Facebook Is At It Again But This Time They May Have Met Their Match

Recently, social media giant Twitter has threatened legal action against the brand new social media platform Threads. Threads, developed by Meta Platforms, has been accused of being a copycat of Twitter and using the company’s trade secrets.

Apparently, Zuckerburg is up to his old tricks of stealing apps and getting rich off them.

According to a letter from the attorney for Twitter, Alex Spiro, Twitter has alleged its competitor of hiring “dozens of former employees” of theirs and utilizing the knowledge they gained while employed at the firm to develop its own platform. Spiro also claims that Threads, which was released and already gained 30 million users within a short time frame, was developed within mere months due to the insider information these former Twitter employees have provided.

Twitter plans to be “strictly enforce its intellectual property rights” and now needs Meta Platforms to respond to its claims. Meta Platforms declined to provide comment on the situation, however, their communications director, Andy Stone, denied Twitter’s allegations on the Threads platform, asserting that none of the engineering team behind Threads are former Twitter employees.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, also responded to the issue on Twitter, stating that while competition between companies in the same industry is fine, “cheating is not”.

Facebook has also already started censoring users. Below is what happens when you attempt to follow Donald Trump Jr.

Zuckerburg may have his match because Elon doesn’t back down and if he’s brazen enough to publish the letter he probably already has evidence.


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