Farmer Takes Photo of Strange, Chicken-Stealing Creature

In rural America, there is plenty of space in the deeper, darker corners of our country counties, where the wilderness gets thick and uncharted. And, at times, these areas back up to civilization, providing some truly splendid encounters and experiences.

Deer dancing across the yard in the evening.  The yips of young coyotes at dusk.  The occasional chicken-stealing Sasquatch.

A peculiar photograph from a farm in Tennessee shows what appears to be some kind of figure lurking behind a fence and the property owner suspects that it just might be Sasquatch. The odd image (which can be seen below) was reportedly posted on a Bigfoot-related Facebook group over the weekend by a man named Donny Hicks. Explaining that one of his farm hands had sent him the picture, he mused that “something is going on in middle Tennessee with several alleged and rumored sightings of Bigfoot” and then wondered if the anomaly in the image could be the legendary cryptid.

Of course, the evidence wasn’t exactly irrefutable.

Hicks went on to suggest that the possible Sasquatch has caused something of a commotion on his farm as “all of my chickens are missing. I don’t know what to do or think here.” Additionally, he lamented that “my farm manager is completely freaked by ‘El Diablo Yeti'” and that concern over possibly encountering creature caused the worker to actually quit his job. Alas, much like many purported photos of Bigfoot, the image shared by Hicks is largely indecipherable, though it does show a curious anomaly that somewhat resembles a figure standing in his field.

So, is this a case of mistaken identity?  A hoax?  The genuine article?  Judge for yourself below.



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