Fauci Goes Door To Door With DC Mayor & Here’s What Happened – WATCH

Dr. Anthony Fauci joined Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to go door to door in lower-income neighborhoods.

“So this is Ward 8. It’s the typical social determinants of health where they don’t get good medical care, they have a high degree of HIV, high degree of COVID-19, the lowest level of vaccination,” Fauci narrated. “They’re sort of the disenfranchised group that we gotta reach out to. So the mayor is now with me going to congratulate the people who are gonna go out into the community to try and get people vaccinated.”

With that, the video showed Dr. Fauci and Muriel Bowser, mayor of D.C., visit the neighborhood of Anacostia and go door-to-door, encouraging residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

One man really took Dr. Fauci to task in an edited segment of the documentary. Below is a transcript from PBS of the edited interaction.
The people in America are not settled with the information that’s been given to us right now. So I’m not gonna be lining up taking a shot on a vaccination, for something that wasn’t clear in the first place,” the man told Fauci. “And then you all create a shot in miraculous time. It takes years to create.”


“Well, it used to take years,” Fauci said.

“Okay. It used to.

“You know how, you know, how many years we’re invested in this, in this approach? About 20 years of science to get us to be able to do,” Fauci added.

“Twenty years is not enough and nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to be taking no vaccination that you all came up with,” the man countered.

“The only reason I’m talking to you right now, as close as we are, is that I’ve been vaccinated,” Bowser said standing outside. “But if it allow thousands of people, like you don’t get vaccinated, you’re going to let this virus continue to percolate in this country and in this world.”

When Fauci said that  600,000 Americans died from the COVID virus the man countered his claims.

“Well, you, well that the number that you all given that died, that’s, that’s once again, that’s you all’s number,” he said.

The man added that that he believed there was a hidden agenda behind paying people to be vaccinated.

“Because when you start talking about paying people to get vaccinated, when you start talking about incentivizing things to get people vaccinated, there’s something else going on with that,” he said.

shortly after Fauci and Bowser made a beeline and the man continued to yell at them as he walked down the street.

“It’s about inciting fear in people. You all attack people with fear. That’s what this pandemic is. It’s a fear. It’s fear. This pandemic. That’s all it is,” he said.

Below is the full report by PBS:




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