Fetterman Blames Depression On ‘The Other Side’ – WATCH

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) is blaming his recent stint at the hospital for depression on the “other side” and the “brutality” of the campaign.

The Senator from Pennsylvania recently gave an interview with a CBS affiliate KDKA and claimed that he is doing better. Fetterment blamed his six week stay in the hospital on Republicans.

“It was after the brutality of the campaign, the other side,” Fetterman said. “Some people believe it was one of the most vicious political campaigns.”

The Senator did not blame Mehmet Oz and seemed to blame Americans who voted against him.

“I wasn’t being the kind of senator Pennsylvania deserved. I wasn’t being the kind of husband Gisele deserved, I wasn’t being the kind of father my children deserved,” the senator said explaining why he checked himself into the hospital.

Fetterman claims that now he feels great after his stroke and 6 week stay in the hospital.

“I feel fantastic, honestly,” he said. “A lot of people have been asking, ‘Hey, how are you feeling, how’s your depression?’ It’s in remission, and I am just so grateful to [be] just feeling great.”

When asked if he’s mentally fit to be in office, Fetterman said, “That certainly is very blunt, but my answer will be blunt, too. Hell yes, and that’s why I’m doing it. Just the way any Pennsylvanians are working, you take it a day and a day and work hard, and that’s exactly what I am doing here.”

Dr. David Williamson, chief of neuropsychiatric and medical director of Walter Reed, reported the Pennsylvanian Senator was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of depression to include low energy and motivation, minimal speech, poor sleep, slowed thinking, slowed movement, and feelings of guilt and worthlessness. Those symptoms became severe over an eight-week period which caused low blood pressure and constricted blood flow to his brain.

Only portions of the CBS interview were aired and it was not done on live television.

Even though the segments of quotes from Fetterman are short you’ll notice his speech pattern start to dimish.


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