Fetterman Saga Hits A New Twist

You could have seen this coming a mile away.

Senator John Fetterman recently checked himself into the hospital to receive care for “clinical depression.”

According to recent reports he may remain there for some time.

From the Wall Street Journal:

[…]His office said that Mr. Fetterman has experienced depression off and on throughout his life and that the senator voluntarily entered the hospital after consulting with the attending physician for Congress, Dr. Brian P. Monahan.

A senior aide to Mr. Fetterman said in an interview late Friday that the senator will remain hospitalized as doctors try out new medications and dosages to test their efficacy. Mr. Fetterman will also engage in talk therapy, the aide said, meeting with a professional therapist to discuss the experiences he has had, including the challenges of campaigning for office.

The hospital stay could range from weeks to more than a month, but likely less than two months, the aide said, citing the time frame the doctors are focusing on. [Emphasis added.]

Should Fetterman remain in the hospital for two months, he’d been in the hospital longer than he’s served at Senator.

This is the second time Fetterman has been hospitalized since taking office.

After being told during the 2022 campaign that Fetterman’s health is not an issue his wife (who’s probably vying for his spot) asked for privacy during the “difficult time.”


During the Democrat primary, Fetterman suffered a stroke however went on to win the Pennsylvania Senate seat against Dr. Oz.

Should Fetterman step down, whoever is appointed my Governor Josh Shapiro would have to run for the seat in 2024. That means both Senate seats in Pennsylvania would be up for grabs in the 2024 election.


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