Fetterman’s Office Releases Photos, What Do You Think?

Democrat Senator John Fetterman’s staff just released some images showing him in the hospital recovering from his treatment.

The images did not pass the smell test.

Fetterman, who has been in the hospital more than he’s been at work, was shown “well on his way to recovery.”

What they did show is Fetterman has lost a ton of weight and is clearly staged.

“Productive morning with Senator Fetterman at Walter Reed discussing the rail safety legislation, Farm Bill and other Senate business. John is well on his way to recovery and wanted me to say how grateful he is for all the well wishes. He’s laser focused on PA & will be back soon,” wrote Adam Jentieson, Fetterman’s Chief of Staff on social media.

The second image shows that Fetterman has lost an unhealthy amount of weight.


If Fetterman’s office was really serious about proving he’s ok they could have had John do a nice quick thank you video. But instead, we got staged photos.

Democrats need to end the charade and may be keeping it going strictly out of ego. Pennsylvania has a Democratic governor and would appoint another Democrat to the office. It’s not like they are going to lose the seat.

This has a similar feel to the Paul Pelosi attack story.

The establishment said one thing and even censored an NBC reporter. However, when the police body camera video was released, it proved NBC and “conspiracy theorists” were right.

Maybe Biden will dump Kamala and pick Fetterman for his running mate in 2024.

That should be a no-brainer!

(sorry, too soon?)


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