Final J6 Hearing will Claim Trump is ‘Clear and Present Danger’

From the very beginning of the January 6th committee’s existence, there were concerns that the group was engaged in partisan politicking rather than a developing a legitimate probe of the events that occurred on that fateful day.

The Democrats steering the committee didn’t help nullify this belief either, as they pushed to exclude a number of Republican lawmakers from the ranks of the group.

And now, just weeks ahead of a major US election, (and Donald Trump’s inevitable 2024 announcement), the committee is again devaluing their work with a politically-timed final message to voters.

“Tune in for our discussion of Trump’s clear and present danger presented to democracy and freedom in America by a movement that he’s galvanized,” panel member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said this week at a virtual People for the American Way event.


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