Florida Gubernatorial Race Gets Called Early on Election Night

Over the course of the last week or so, the mainstream media has really been bludgeoning us with the idea that we won’t know the results of the 2022 midterms, fully, until sometime later this week, (or next).  This is undoubtedly an attempt to quell any potential violence that could occur if Americans feel as though the election’s integrity was compromised in some way.

But the delay in counting hasn’t been a comfortable thing for many Americans either, which requires a great deal of explanation and balance in order to keep the barbarians from the gate, so to speak.

In the Florida Governor’s race, this was no problem at all, as incumbent Ron DeSantis handily and swiftly found himself rehired.

The Fox News Decision Desk projects GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis will defeat Charlie Crist to secure another term as the Sunshine State’s chief executive.

DeSantis, a former three-term congressman who was narrowly elected governor in 2018, has seen his popularity soar among conservatives in Florida and across the country the past two and a half years, courtesy of his forceful pushback against coronavirus pandemic restrictions and his aggressive actions as a culture wars warrior.

DeSantis is becoming something of a national figure.

DeSantis grabbed more national attention and sparked new controversy in recent months by flying migrants from Texas to the progressive bastion of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts this summer, spotlighting his tough stance on the issue of illegal immigration.

There have long been rumors that DeSantis could be eying a 2024 run for the presidency as well, and this has spurred some not-so-subtle warnings from former President and presumptive 2024 GOP nominee Donald Trump, aimed directly at DeSantis.


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