Fox News Already In Trouble, MASS Cancellations

We are back with the latest news on Tucker Carlson and Fox News. Monday was a shocking day for Fox News viewers as the network announced that they were parting ways with Tucker Carlson. In fact, many people took to Twitter to announce that they had canceled their subscriptions to Fox Nation in response to the news.

Tucker Carlson had signed off on his last program last week, expecting to return to the air this week. He had even said, “We’ll be back on Monday.” But Monday came, and the news of his departure broke. The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the conservative community and beyond, with many wondering what it meant for the future of Fox News and its streaming service, Fox Nation.

The fallout from the announcement was immediate, with shares of Fox Corporation falling sharply after the news broke. The stock was down by as much as 5.1 percent and erased $962 million in market value after it was announced that Fox News Media had parted ways with its host Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson has been a staple of Fox News for years, with his popular program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, drawing millions of viewers each night. He has been a vocal supporter of conservative values and has been known to take on controversial topics, including immigration and race relations.

So, what does this mean for Fox Nation? They are about to turn into CNN. Many went online and reported they canceled their Fox Nation account which is the cable news station streaming channel.

Murdoch has just made the same mistake Disney, Bud Light, and others have made. They think they are too big to fail and can’t read the room. Fox News isn’t the powerhouse it was ten years ago.


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