GOP Gov Signs 3 Big Bills

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a bold stance against the Chinese Communist Party this week by signing three bills into law aimed at curbing the CCP’s influence within the state. These bills represent the most comprehensive and robust legislative package to date in the United States against the CCP’s threats to America’s economic, strategic, and security interests.

The first bill, SB 264, restricts the CCP’s ability to purchase or lease land in Florida. The new law requires companies that lease state-owned land to disclose any CCP affiliations, and it also prohibits Florida’s public entities from investing in companies that are under the influence of the CCP.

The second bill, SB 846, aims to combat the CCP’s data collection of American citizens. The law restricts state and local government entities from purchasing or using certain technology that can be used for data collection, such as drones and other surveillance equipment.

Finally, the third bill, SB 258, is focused on preventing CCP influence from infiltrating Florida’s education system. The law requires universities and colleges to disclose any foreign donations over $50,000 and any partnerships or agreements with foreign governments or entities. It also establishes a process to review and potentially terminate any partnerships or agreements that may be deemed a threat to national security.

Governor DeSantis’ latest actions follow his ongoing efforts to confront the CCP. In 2019, a Chinese think tank designated him among the five most aggressive governors in the U.S. against the communist nation, several months before the coronavirus pandemic erupted. Since then, he has continued to take an aggressive approach towards China, advocating for a tough stance on trade and standing up for U.S. interests.

As the United States faces increasing pressure from China, Governor DeSantis’ actions demonstrate a commitment to protecting the nation’s economic, strategic, and security interests. By restricting CCP influence within Florida, DeSantis is taking a strong stance against a foreign power that has long been seen as a threat to the United States. The signing of these bills marks an important moment in the ongoing fight against the CCP’s efforts to gain influence and undermine U.S. interests.

In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis’ bold move to sign these bills into law sends a clear message that Florida will not tolerate CCP influence within its borders. This move will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the relationship between Florida and China, and it sets an example for other states to follow.



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