Graham Saddles DOJ with Tough Choice in Hunter Biden Probe

For years now, the GOP has been sounding the alarm on Hunter Biden, son of now-President Joe Biden, and how his behavior could very well be a threat to our national security.

That’s because there appears to be evidence that the father-son duo could be peddling influence on the international stage, with Hunter falsely appearing to forge his own way while being stealthily backed and bankrolled by his pops.

Now that the DOJ is finally beginning to take a look at the possibility that the pair are working crooked angles in the global power market, some in the GOP are concerned about the potential for impartiality under a Biden administration.

Leading the charge this week was South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who put the DOJ between a rock and a hard place during a recent appearance on Fox News.

Graham called for the investigation to follow the standard for former President Donald Trump when he was accused of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

“I believe that you should have somebody looking at Hunter Biden other than a Delaware prosecutor,” he said. “We’re having a prosecutor in the guy’s home state. The prosecutor is a fine fellow, but can you imagine what the left would do if I suggested we should not have a special counsel in the Mueller investigation? We had a guy. It worked.”

And that wasn’t all…

“What I am saying is, given all the evidence coming out about Hunter Biden – the laptop is real,” Graham continued. “Every media outlet in the country suppressed the story, including social media. The laptop is real. They said it wasn’t. I want somebody outside of politics, Delaware politics, looking at Hunter Biden like they looked at Trump. That’s not unfair.”

Now, if the DOJ refuses the request, it will cause a vast swath of the country to attach some caveats to whatever conclusion they come to, as it will show that the Justice Department wasn’t prepared to provide the most thorough and impartial investigation possible.



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