Guess Where A SPLC Lawyer Was Just Arrested – VIDEO

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been at the center of some controversies lately and now they are in big trouble.

Over the past few years, the SPLC has labeled Republicans and Christians terrorists.

Most recently, they claimed Catholics that went to Latin Mass were extremists which was then used by the FBI.

From National Review:

The Richmond office of the FBI prepared a memo on what it called “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” and the threat they posed, as a potential recruiting ground for ethnically motivated right-wing extremism.

The memo is an ugly slander of a small but surprisingly prominent religious minority. The research for the memo was based on clickbait articles from Salon, the Atlantic, and a hysterical report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The FBI is supposed to have deliberately excluded SPLC’s “research” from its own documents, because the buck-raking, scaremongering organization is so unreliable.


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