Hunter Biden Shows Up At Congressional Hearing

Hunter Biden decided that he would travel to Capitol Hill and attend a hearing that would decide if he was going to be held in contempt of Congress for not showing up to testify.

Hunter Biden showed up with his attorneys, Abbe Lowell and Kevin Morris.

When it was Rep. Nancy Mace’s turn to speak she unloaded on Hunter.

“Hunter Biden you are too afraid for a deposition, and I still think you are today,” she said.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” she added.

Mace added that Biden has “no b**ls.”

However, what got Hunter Biden to storm out of the hearing was when it was time for Rep. Marjoie Taylor Greene to speak. The three ran out of there like the building was on fire.

In another comical moment a reporter asked, “What kind of crack do you normally smoke Mr. Biden!?”


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