Herridge Releases New Report

    Silenced former CBS reporter Catherine Herridge has just released a very compelling report following her ousting at CBS.

    In Febuary of 2024, Herridge was held in civil contempt by a federal judge for not revealing her source in a report that embarrassed the Biden administration. Before that the Biden admin was furious over her reports on the Hunter Biden laptop.

    She was later let go by CBS News and seized all of her records.

    “When the network of Walter Cronkite seizes your reporting files, including confidential source information, that is an attack on investigative journalism,” she said.

    “CBS News’ decision to seize my reporting records crossed a red line that I believe should never be crossed by any media organization,” Herridge said.

    “Multiple sources said they were concerned that by working with me to expose government corruption and misconduct they would be identified and exposed.”

    Well, she has a new story and it’s a bombshell.

    Army Specialist Karoline Stancik, a 23-year-old servicewoman, alleges that the mandate Biden imposed on all US servicemen and women led to the development of a severe heart condition. Now, she’s burdened with over $70,000 in medical bills and feels let down by the Army and National Guard.

    Under President Joe Biden’s administration, the Department of Defense issued a rule that all soldiers, irrespective of their religious beliefs or health and follow the mandate.

    Sorry we have to beat around the bush or the internet nanny’s will censor us.

    The rule was withdrawn less than two years later, but a number of veterans reported serious side effects.

    Stancik is one such veteran. Previously in excellent shape, she could run long distances and play basketball. But now she struggles merely to stand up. She insists that her life drastically changed after receiving the vaccine, and considering she never tested positive for C**D-19, her heart condition seems even more baffling.

    Stancik’s condition is known as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS. It’s a condition in which the heart and blood pressure are out of sync. She describes her symptoms as a “burning sensation throughout her body, chest pain, breathing issues, high heart rate.” Indeed, her heart rate can surge to the 180s or 190s just after waking up.

    Stancik believes that military leaders should be responsible for their soldiers, even post-service. She is of the view that the hurried policy to vaccinate all soldiers, which she believes was based more on politics than science, neglected the risk of severe conditions for some vaccine recipients.

    Internal documents reveal that the military was aware of Stancik’s claim and even considered her case could lead to more similar claims from service members who believe the vaccine mandate hurt them.

    Wait so let me get this straight. The military order a soldier to do something. They got injured and now they don’t want to take care of them? If that’s not the VA in a nutshell I don’t know what is.

    This is the same group that tells artillerymen that their hearing loss is not “service related.”

    This is part of a larger systemic issue inside the Biden administration.

    They downright ruined the economy and made a ton of mistakes. They aren’t owning up to it either or trying to fix their mistakes. Instead they brush it under a rug and hope it goes away.


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