More Info Come To Light Over Austin Hospitalization

By now many of you have heard about Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization and the communication breakdown that followed. This story has implications for national security, government transparency, and the trust between major governmental departments. But there is something else that the Biden administration is hoping most people don’t pick up on.

Recently, it was learned that the Pentagon’s chief, Secretary Austin, was hospitalized following an elective medical procedure on January 1st. But here’s the twist – President Joe Biden and other top officials were in the dark about this for three whole days!

This kind of information delay is unusual, especially at such high levels of government. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and other senior White House aides only learned about Austin’s hospitalization on January 4th, when the Department of Defense finally sent over the word. This raises some serious questions about internal communication protocols within our government.

Now, there’s a lot of speculation about why the President wasn’t informed earlier. One official commented, “If Jake didn’t know, no way the president knew.” This implies a significant communication gap within the administration.”

This incident has sparked a wave of criticism and concern. Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel emphasized the importance of the NSC knowing about such situations, highlighting the need for transparency within the team. And senators like Tom Cotton and Roger Wicker have called for an explanation and briefing on this communication lapse.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Austin spent four days in the intensive care unit, with his deputy Kathleen Hicks assuming some of his duties. Yet, this was a closely guarded secret, with many Pentagon officials and congressional leaders kept in the dark until just before the public statement. It also so happens that Hicks was on vacation in Puerto Rico and wasn’t told until the 4th either. When Hicks learned she immediately started the communication brief for Congress.

There’s one thing here, though, that the Biden administration hopes you don’t realize. Everything continued to go accordingly and function without them. The Pentagon didn’t fall apart, and nothing broke.

Do we really need all these officials? Doesn’t seem like it.


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