House Hearing Gets Contested Over History Lesson

Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu has found himself in the news again and not for reasons he would like.

The congressman got caught up commenting on a left-wing report that claimed a young woman was criminally convicted for having an abortion. In truth, the woman and her mother were found guilty of covering the death by burning and buying the remains of the 28-week-old unborn child.

After Lieu was called out on social media, he claimed that acknowledging that unborn children are alive is a “religious belief.”

What made the Congressman mad was that a left wing podcaster he likes was fact checked. Now that Elon controls Twitter (or X) the left doesn’t like the fact they are being fact checked.

The congressman was getting ripped in the comments and very few were defending him.

A few days, later DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was testifying before congress when Rep. Lieu started a bizarre line of questioning that was so frustrating Mayorkas told him to knock it off.

Speaking of crazy Dems…


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