‘Hug’ At White House Event Raises Eyebrows

On June 15, 2023, the White House hosted an event promoting the movie about “Flamin’ hot Cheetos.”

The film is based on the memoir of Richard Montanez, who claims to have invited the product but was never given credit. ABC’s Desperate Housewives actress and Democrat donor Eva Longoria directed the film.

The screening of the movie seems to be the latest in a series of moves by the Hollywoke actress to raise her profile inside the Democratic party. In 2014, she founded the Latino Victory Fund which is “dedicated to building political power in the Latino community so that the voices and values of Latinos are reflected at every level of government.”

The group has been so successful that we’ve seen many Democrat Hispanic voters switch to the Republican party (yes, that’s a joke and sarcasm).

Longoria has donated a huge sum of money to Democratic candidates over the years totaling around $713,723.

During the event, Biden immediately seemed captivated by her and made an odd claim.

“We’ve known each other a long time.  She was 17; I was 40,” Biden said about Longoria.

Then Biden completely made up a statistic and it appears he confused himself.

The President said. “By the way, I love when people say, “Well, why do we spend so much…” Do you realize that 26 out of every 100 students in grades kindergarten through 12 speak Spanish? No, think about it. What in the hell — heck are we talking about here?”

However there was one moment during the event that is getting a lot of attention. A close up of video during the event shows that Joe Biden got a little handsy when he hugged Eva Longoria.

You’ll even see the actress grab his hand to get it off her in a way not to make a seen.


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