Hurricane Ian Unearths Coffins in Florida Cemetery

The imagery coming out of Florida this week has been tough to watch, if we’re being honest, after a brutal category 4 Hurricane slammed into the southwestern portion of the peninsula.

The storm, Hurricane Ian, brought with it an enormous storm surge and high winds, both of which have contributed to some serious damage to iconic Florida landmark.  In Fort Myers Beach, Ian completely decimated a tourist area known locally as “Times Square” while also completely ravaging the city’s famous pier.

In other parts of the state, the damage was a bit more gruesome.

Flooding from Hurricane Ian caused a horrific scene at a cemetery near Orlando where human remains were exposed amid pooling water.

One casket at Oakland Cemetery in Oakland floated to ground level and was broken open by a fallen tree, exposing the body inside, Fox video shows.

Bodies exposed at Florida cemetery
Hurricane Ian exposed human remains at Oakland Cemetery near Orlando.

The footage shows several felled trees throughout the property that was covered in floodwaters.

Oakland is less than 20 miles from Orlando, which is experiencing “historic flooding,” officials say.

The news was devastating for those whose departed friends and family were buried there.

People rushed to the graveyard Thursday in hopes their loved ones weren’t washed away by Hurricane Ian.

The historic flooding caused by Hurricane Ian continues to inundate central and southwest Florida through Friday, leading authorities to express concerns over the potential for massive amounts of casualties to be discovered as rescue crews begin to search previously inaccessible areas.


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