Social Media Blunder Causes Headaches For White House

The Biden administration really needs to get a handle on whoever they have posted on their social media accounts because they are really screwing up.

As we previously reported, the Biden administration was forced to delete an insensitive post they made as Israeli citizens were being murdered.

As the attack started the  United States Office for Palestinian Affairs posted, “we unequivocally condemn the attack of Hasam terrorists and the loss of life that has incurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

The post was quickly deleted. It has been suggested (by media members) that the post was made before US officials knew what was going on (complete incompetence and those inside the admin agenda).

However, a couple of hours later the Biden administration strongly denounced the attack.

Well, the staffers of the Biden administration have done it again.

While President Biden was in Israel it appears he met with the special operoratrs from “Delta Force” (CAG) who are hostage rescue specialists. They are the best of the best of the best.

The Biden administrations social media team posted a picture of the President shaking hands with the soldiers but didn’t block, blur, or censor their faces. The post was deleted about an hour later but it had already been seen hundreds of thousands of times.

Independent journalist Sam Shoemate, posted the folly but blocked out the soldier’s faces so they couldn’t be identified.



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