It’s A ‘Trojan Horse’: Manchin Issues Warning About Biden’s Plan

Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, who is making headlines for slamming the Biden administration’s new EPA rules around electric vehicles and tailpipe emissions. Let’s get into it.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Senator Manchin criticized the EPA’s regulations plan, which aims to boost EV sales starting in 2030 and accelerate in 2032. He referred to the plan as a “Trojan horse” that would increase America’s reliance on China for critical minerals and urged Congress to overturn the rules.

“The EPA is lying to Americans with false claims about how their manipulation of the market to boost EVs will help American energy security,” Manchin said. “In reality, this is a Trojan horse. To meet these timelines will mean strengthening our reliance on minerals and technologies controlled by the Chinese. Taken in concert with the clear violation of the [Inflation Reduction Act] to undermine provisions that would actually secure these supply chains, this Administration is taking steps that will only result in a more energy secure and powerful China. I don’t believe that making progress on climate change should come at the expense of our national and energy security. I fully support Congress overturning these dangerous EPA regulations.”

In fact, Senator Manchin has been a thorn in the side of the administration on this issue for some time now. He played a critical role in passing the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act and has frequently criticized how the Executive Branch is implementing the law.

“Yet again – the guidance released by the Department of the Treasury completely ignores the intent of the Inflation Reduction Act,” Manchin said. “It is horrific that the Administration continues to ignore the purpose of the law which is to bring manufacturing back to America and ensure we have reliable and secure supply chains. American tax dollars should not be used to support manufacturing jobs overseas. It is a pathetic excuse to spend more taxpayer dollars as quickly as possible and further cedes control to the Chinese Communist Party in the process.”



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