Biden Gives Extensive Interview With TIME Magazine

Recenlty, President Joe Biden sat down with TIME magazine and what happened next is sort of surprising.

To be honest, completely shocked it was published in the form it was, the publication did little to cover up Biden brain malfunctions and there were a lot.

The interview started with Biden making some claims about wages and inflation that didn’t quite add up. He mentioned “shrinkflation” and “price gouging,” but the facts didn’t back him up. Wages haven’t outrun inflation during his term, and there’s no evidence to support the idea that “price gouging” is behind the current economic situation.

“You have everything from shrinkflation to what’s going on in terms of the way in which their artificially moving signifcantly to increase, their, their, their, their, their profits,” Biden said.

But that wasn’t the only moment that left people puzzled. Biden mixed up Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, requiring an editor’s note to clarify. This isn’t the first time he’s had trouble keeping countries and leaders straight, which is a concern given the high stakes in geopolitics.

Then, when asked about his age and ability to serve another term, Biden didn’t exactly give a reassuring answer. He challenged the reporter to a fight, saying, “I can take you too.” That’s coming from a guy who needs the short stairs to get on Air Force 1.

Below is another example. Try to make sense of what Joe is trying to say.

If you think we are cherry picking, you can read the entire debacle here.


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