Jill Swings Back At Nikki Haley – Watch

    First Lady Jill Biden was recently interviewed by CNN and was asked about comments made by Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley over competency.

    During one of her speeches, Haley said that elderly politicians should undergo a competency test to ensure they are capable.

    “How many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland, get on the train? Go nine more hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President (Volodymyr) Zelensky?” Jill Biden said. “So, look at the man. Look what he’s doing. Look what he continues to do each and every day.”

    Sorry Jill, but most 30-year-olds would have no problem with that trip. Well…Now that I think of it, maybe not leftist. Just take a look at Brian Stelter, who’s only 37 and clearly does not take care of himself.

    What was seriously telling was Jill’s comments about Biden running in 2024. The announcement has been delayed and was supposed to have occurred in mid February.

    Jill said, “It’s Joe’s decision, and we support whatever he wants to do. If he’s in, we’re there. If he wants to do something else, we’re there too.”

    Folks, that’s telling.

    In typical Joe Biden fashion, he did his wife no favors.

    Around the same time Jill’s interview was published, Joe fell up the stairs for the second time in almost two weeks.

    The man is 80 years old, I don’t care if he has the mind of someone in their 40s (he doesn’t). For goodness sake, help him up the stairs. If they don’t start helping him, he is going to fall and break his hip.

    We’ve seen this before.


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