Joanna Gaines Caught Up Target Controversy

Reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have been caught up in several controversies. Many of them were personal attacks on their family, marriage, and faith.

Despite those attacks, Gaines partnered with Target to sell her widely popular Magnolia line, which made the couple incredibly wealthy.

Recently Target released its Pride Collection which has caused a “Bud Light situation” and so far the Gaines have been silent.

Madeline Osburn from the Federalist recently wrote a piece demanding a response from the couple.

From the Federalist:

Do Chip and Joanna support Target’s manufacturing of “tuck-friendly” and “chest-binding” swimsuits for children? What about selling the “Bye Bye, Binary” board book with the tagline “Nobody puts baby in a pink or blue corner!”?

Do Chip and Joanna feel that their Christian faith is being mocked when their business partner sells merchandise designed by an outspoken Satanist, such as “Too queer for here” tote bags or “Cure transphobia” sweatshirts? What about shirts that feature naked women or “Not a phase” loungewear?

Would Chip and Joanna allow any of their six young children to wear these clothes or read these books?

Conservatives are asking valid questions and so far the couple has been silent.

Meanwhile Target is taking a beating and an internal email proves it, they’ve lost $9 billion in a week.


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