WH Answers Question About Biden Joke

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy roasted White House officials after a Biden speech.

During an event in Virginia the President of the United States of America called former Demcoratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe the “real governor.”

Oh and Youngkin didn’t take very kindly to it either.

“Is election denying a joke now?” Doocy asked at Wednesday’s briefing.

“What do you mean? You’ll have to say more than just make a random statement,” the press secretary answered.

“Why’d the president say, ‘Hello Virginia and the real governor Terry McAuliffe?’”

“He was making a joke about Terry McAuliffe,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

“What’s the joke?” Doocy asked.

“I mean, if you play it back, it’s clearly that the president was making a joke,” the press secretary said.

“What’s the joke?” Doocy said. “How are you guys gonna convince people, though, that this idea of denying election results is very bad when President Biden is going out and making jokes like this?” he asked.

“Okay, he did not deny, he did not deny it. He congratulated Governor Youngkin. [As] a matter of fact, when he won the election, he did it out of the gate. Out of the gate, really, truly, he congratulated the governor and not only that, we’ve had the chance to work with the governor over the past couple of years and you know, this is a president that works across the aisle. You’ve seen that many times and he was making a joke.”

By the way, KJP’s body language and mannerisms while Doocy asks her the questions are hilarious.

During his speech Biden was interrupted several times and even got a new nickname!


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