Scarborough Comments On Current Protests

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had a very intense segment on his show and spoke directly to his viewers.

In all seriousness, he’s probably reading the tea leaves and he could be right.

The guy pleaded with his viewers to stop supporting the Anti-Israel protestors.

“If you’re offended by this, please, I’m trying to help you. I don’t want Donald Trump to get elected. All right? I’m trying to help you,” he said, having a TDS panic attack.

“If you’re too stupid to figure that out, you can change to another channel. Because we’re sorting through this as a country, and this is not helping. This is not helping the people of Gaza. And this is not helping those of us who want to fight fascism in America,” he added.

The MSNBC host then tied the current college demonstrations to what took place in 1968 which led to Richard Nixon election and eventually the Reagan Revolution.

I don’t know about you but I’d take Reaganomics over Bidenomics any day.

“You remember 68? It was a tidal wave. There’s a reason that Reagan won with a lot of young voters in 1980. There’s a reason the Reagan Revolution took place. The seeds were planted in 1968. And again, when I say that, I’m not saying that the Vietnam War wasn’t an unjust war. It was. Martin Luther King and others have proven that there are ways to help the cause without aiding the worst elements in American politics,” he exclaimed.

Interestingly enough, Senator Bernie Sanders said something similar.


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