Judge Asks Hunter Direct Questions About Charges

The judge overseeing the Hunter Biden hearing in Delaware asked the first son a very direct question and it was a barn burner.

CNN’s correspondent Kara Scannell, was present in the courtroom and she reported that judge Maryellen Noreika confronted Biden’s son after the plea deal crumbled.

“We did hear a little bit about part of these charges that he’s pleading to is when he had told the judge he was already sober and she said to him, ‘You were sober, so why didn’t you pay your taxes?’ and he essentially said he had just become sober, his life was an enormous mess, he was trying to pick up the pieces and put it together, and that essentially fell through the cracks,” Scannell said.

From what we’ve learned the question was unanswered.

It’s true though and it’s not like he didn’t have the money. Hunter Biden isn’t exactly a middle-class American trying to scrape by and raise a family.

After the plea deal fell apart, some in the media claimed the DOJ and Hunter’s attorny’s were working together.

As the media went nuts, it wasn’t a good day at the White House. I just want to point this out. Do you remember how the left went after Trump Jr.? Just imagine if the roles were reversed. It would be bedlam.


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