Yellen Discusses Inflation & Prices During Interview – WATCH

Early in the Biden administration, we were told that inflation was “transitory” and that it drifted off.

As prices continue rising – especially at the grocery store – Biden decided to brag about it.

“Inflation is coming down,” Biden said. ” It’s now lower in America than any other major economy in the world. The cost of eggs, milk, chicken, gas, and so many other essential items have come down.”

It’s pretty clear that Biden hasn’t been grocery shopping in a long time. Heck the guy was shocked he had to pay $6 for a smoothing in Pennsylvania.

But as the President says one thing, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said another.

She relented and frankly didn’t insult the intelligence of Americans.

“I think most Americans know that prices are not likely to fall.”

Biden isn’t fooling anybody, listen.

Later, during his visit, Biden bragged about his foreign policy experience.

“I’ve been doing foreign policy for a long, long time.  I was a chairman of those committees and the like.  And that’s why Barack asked me be on his ticket,” Biden said. “And I know every one of those heads of state, and I’ve known them for a while. And every meeting I go to internationally, I — as they’re walking out — this is the God’s truth; I can say this in front of the press — virtually every one of them pull me aside and say, ‘You’ve got to win.  We can’t let that happen again.  You can’t let that happen again.  You can’t let that happen again.'”

The night before, Biden bragged about his foreign policy experience. Three service members were killed, and many were wounded by a drone strike presumably launched by supporters of Hamas.

Biden did ask for a moment of silence during the event for the three who lost their lives.

“And one last thing.  I — I want to point out that we had a tough day last night in — in the Middle East.  We lost three brave souls in an attack on one of our bases.  And I’d ask you for a moment of silence for all three of those fallen soldiers,” he said.




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