Kamala Tells DeSantis ‘No,’ But Newsom May Be Saying ‘Yes’

There’s a lot of vying going on back and forth as Democrat politicians like Newsom jockey for position as a backup for 2024. The California Governor often spars with Ron DeSantis and manages to get his name in the news cycle.

Harris (a rival of Newsom’s) decided to take a play out of her buddy’s Gavin book and picked a fight with DeSantis over the State of Florida’s new African American history curriculum.

“Harris has been quietly noting how other Democrats, including her friend and sometimes rival for attention California Gov. Gavin Newsom, have grabbed the national spotlight by swinging at Republicans aggressively,” a CNN report detailed. “Aides say she has also been watching the news out of the Republican presidential race and telling Biden aides she wants to be seen as fighting against extremism.”

DeSantis responded immediately, inviting the Vice President for a sit-down.

“I am officially inviting you back down to Florida to discuss our African American History standards,” DeSantis wrote in a letter to the VP. “We will be happy to host you here in Tallahassee. I will ask Dr. William Allen — instrumental in the development of our impressive new standards — to join. We welcome you, of course, to bring Randi Weingarten or someone else who shares your view about the standards.”

Kamala responded with a politically charged answer saying no.

“They attempt to legitimize these unnecessary debates with a proposal that most recently came in of a politically motivated roundtable,” Harris said in Orlando. “Well, I’m here in Florida, and I will tell you there is no roundtable, no lecture, no invitation we will accept to debate an undeniable fact. There were no redeeming qualities of slavery.”

She thought she won the day and scored some points.
Not long after Kamala’s declaration, DeSantis told Sean Hannity that he will accept a debate with California Governor Gavin Newsom.
So now, Newsom will debate DeSantis but Kamala won’t.
That’s called checkmate.
So, if you hear/heard yelling over the horizon, it’s probably coming from Vice President Kamala Harris’ office.



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