Kamala’s Husband Prob Earned Himself A Night On The Couch – WATCH

Second Gentlemen Doug Emhoff recently made headlines over what he said about parents protesting their school boards. However, something else he said may have earned him a night on the couch.

“I once met one woman who was saved in the Holocaust in Germany, settled in Ukraine, and is now a refugee again back in Berlin,” Emhoff recalled to Symone Sanders, a former aide to Vice President Kamala Harris, who was leading the interview.

This hate is interconnected,” he continued. “You see it in the discourse in the country right now. You see it in the divide that we have. Just going to school meetings you see that hate that is out there.”



Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neily responded to the Second Gentleman’s callous words.

“The First Amendment guarantees Americans the right to petition their government for a redress of grievances – of which parents have many, as a result of union-imposed school closures,” Neily said. “Civic engagement is one of the defining features of our democracy, and those who choose to engage with their elected officials do not deserve to be mocked or vilified.”

There was something else that Emhoff said that probably earned him a night on the couch.

Mr. Emhoff was asked, “what do you think is the most surprising thing about VP Harris that people out there don’t know?”

Before we go any further, this is a layup question where the one who is answering is supposed to say something romantic or make a joke or both.

That’s not what happened.

“She’s exceedingly normal,” Emhoff responded.

Never, Never, ever, ever call your wife “normal.” If Emhoff has been allowed off the couch after he laid one on First Lady Jill Biden, he’s probably back to sleeping on it now.


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