Kanye Tells Alex Jones He ‘Sees Good’ in Hitler; ‘Stop Dissing Nazis’

If Kanye West is going for some sort of bizarre, Andy Kaufmann-esque, 4th and 5th wall-shattering shtick, he has made a rather severe miscalculation.

The hip hop superstar and fashion entrepreneur has recently, and suddenly, begun using incredibly antisemitic language, and hanging out with folks like prolific Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

But, as though this couldn’t get any worse, West’s latest tirade may be his most awful yet.

Rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West praised Hitler on Thursday morning during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, as he continued his attacks on Jews — as Jones largely approved of West’s incendiary remarks.

“I like Hitler,” West said, after praising the “good things” that the genocidal Nazi dictator did, other than the murder of six million Jews and five million other prisoners in death camps after launching World War Two.

And then, doubling down:

“We gotta stop dissing the Nazis all the time,” West later added.

The troubling rant has once again thrust Kanye West into the spotlight, but it’s beginning to be difficult to ascertain whether or not the music maker is fully cognizant of just what he’s saying.


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