ICYMI: Kathy Griffin says ‘Civil War’ to Come if GOP Wins in Midterms

Sometimes, the hypocrisy of the liberal left is just far too obvious and ridiculous to fathom.  This is one of those times.

Kathy Griffin, the formerly-famous comedic actress who was blackballed over a gruesome photoshoot in which she proudly displayed a photo-realistic prop of Donald Trump’s severed head, is now concerned that Republican victories in November could lead to “civil war”.

Kathy Griffin is doing her part to help Democrats escalate political rhetoric to dangerous levels ahead of the November midterms, saying they’ll be “civil war” if voters elect Republicans.

On Tuesday, the anti-Trump comedian tweeted what seemed like a threat of domestic violence if Democrats don’t prevail in the midterms. “If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican,” she wrote.

The message appeared to be part of a coordinated effort by the left to create an untenable situation in November.

Griffin’s tweet appears to part of the left’s coordinated effort to raise the political temperature to alarming levels through deliberately provocative language.

Her tweet came just days after President Joe Biden attacked Trump supporters as domestic enemies, saying in his now-infamous speech on Thursday that MAGA Republicans represent a “threat to this country.”

Given Griffin’s history of extremist imagery, this perhaps should come as no surprise.


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