Kremlin Drops SCARY New Warning Over US Arms Shipments to Ukraine

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine now stretching into its tenth month, the rhetoric being released by the Kremlin continues to turn a bit fatalist – perhaps a result of Putin’s bruised ego or his terminal cancer diagnosis.

And so, as Ukraine continues to receive assistance from the world at large, Vlad and his pals are again ratcheting up their anti-western sentiment.  Earlier this week, the Russian military even went as far as moving a nuclear weapon capable of striking the United States into “launch position”.

With US Patriot missiles seemingly set for arrival in Ukraine in the coming days, the Kremlin is again issuing a dire, albeit predictable, warning.

Russia warned the U.S. that if it sends Patriot missile systems to Ukraine it will consider the move a provocation that could lead to “unpredictable consequences.”

The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send a Patriot missile system to Ukraine, three defense officials told NBC News earlier this week. The surface-to-air defense system would help Ukraine repel Russian aerial attacks.

And also:

The Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement on Telegram Wednesday that sending the Patriot missile system would be considered “provocative.”

Putin’s continued humiliation at the hands of the Ukrainian military won’t likely go unpunished by the Russian tyrant, but using a nuclear weapon to prove a point would almost certainly trigger a harsh international response and signal the end of Vlad’s regime as we know it.


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