Media Outlets Announce Layoffs

It reared its head on when Sport Illustrated announced that they were laying off most of their staff. Members of the media lamented the down fall of the once iconic sports magazine.

But that wasn’t a one-time event; it was just the beginning.

A couple of days later it was announced that the LA Times was going to be laying off almost one-fourth of the newsroom staff.

At the same time, it was learned that a conservative billionaire had taken over a very popular paper of record, the Baltimore Sun. Why? Because the newspaper was falling apart.

We previously reported about that and the bedlam that took place.

After holding a 3-hour meeting, Smith told employees they had to change their actions.

Not only did Smith buy the Sun he purchased a “community of newspapers.”

He’s known for calling print media “so left wing as to be meaningless dribble, which accounts for why the industry is and will fade away. Just no credibility.”

It hasn’t stopped there either.

Business Insider has announced they are going to lay off around 8 percent of the remaining staff in a second round of layoffs in less than 12 months.

Time magazine, Pitchfork, NBC News, and National Geographic also joined Business Insider in laying off media staff.

Believe me, if you follow these people on social media, they are freaking out about it.

Why is this happening? A few reasons.

First, a lot of these outlets went to a subscription model after Facebook devalued link posts. Traffic dropped, and Trump was in office. So, each outlet could get its little scoop about how Orange Man is bad and throw it behind a paywall.

Well, Trump hasn’t been in office for three years and they are now all writing confirmation bias pieces about Biden to the same people. Also, Biden’s approval rating is in the dump, so people on the left don’t want to read about him, and they sure as heck aren’t going to read a negative piece about him.

People drop off over time.

The media on the left is very different from the media on the right.

For example, there are differences between Megyn Kelly and Tucker Carlson. Both have great shows but you are going to get a difference of opinion on certain topics.

Ben Shapiro may have a take on one subject but Sean Hannity’s may be completely different. It’s one reason why you see right-wing media companies like the Dailywire growing, not laying people off like on the left.

Lastly, a lot of these liberal reports are just getting weeded out. They aren’t that good and got famous because of a Trump piece they wrote years ago.


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