LEAK: While Joe was VP, Hunter Cashed in on $40M Real Estate Deal

Slowly but surely, the American people are coming to know the real Biden family dynamics, and they are not liking what they are seeing.

While there is plenty of evidence of the First Family’s wide range of nefarious international dealings, perhaps the most alarming of such money machinations comes to us from Hunter Biden, son of the President and a former crack cocaine connoisseur, who seems to find himself in rather lucrative business situations despite having no discernible expertise to lean on.

Now, a new leak suggests that this has been going on for some time, including during times in which his father was the Vice President.

Hunter Biden reached a $40 million real estate deal in 2012 with Russian billionaire and wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Yelena Baturina, while President Joe Biden was vice president.

The massive deal is connected to a previously reported $3.5 million fee Baturina paid Hunter’s real estate entity to access the American business market, the Daily Mail reported Monday from documents obtained by an anti-corruption group, the Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery.

The arrangement was rather expansive.

Hunter’s overall acquisition plan included acquiring seven office buildings throughout Texas, Colorado, Alabama, New Mexico, and Oklahoma with $52 million in cash and $160 million in leverage, the Daily Mail reported. Hunter’s real estate fund, Rosemont Realty, had apparently raised a total of $69.7 million to invest into 2.15 million square feet of office space.

Hunter’s firm put $15 million of its own money inside the fund. It is unknown where Hunter’s business firm attained such a large sum to invest within the complex investment scheme.

Hunter Biden’s illicit behavior and potential influence-peddling schemes were a feature of several GOP campaigns in 2020, but the mainstream media was loath to report on the now-proven accusations for reasons that could only be explained by political bias toward the Democratic Party.


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